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Mindfulness is coming home

October 10 - November 21
Thursdays | 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. | $150 for the 7-week series

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Learn basic practices you can use right away to enjoy more balance and ease in everyday life - including mindfulness with breathing (or other preferred anchor), sitting, walking, eating, and screen-time... clear, calm awareness of sensations, thoughts, and emotions... and cultivating richer relationships.

Each student will get personalized support for developing a daily meditation practice that’s appropriate for them (or fine-tuning it, if they have one already); and cultivating mindfulness skills through everyday activities.

Every class will include instruction, a guided practice exercise, student check-in, and Q/A.

Appropriate both for those new to mindfulness, and those with some experience who enjoy live guidance and companionship to boost their practice. Ages 17 and up.

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Soothe + Restore: Yin Yoga

October 30 - December 11 (no class 11/27)
Wednesdays | 7:30 - 8:30 pm | $115 for the 6-week series

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Join us for the ultimate self-care experience: a 6-week yin yoga class to calm and balance you in body, mind, and mood. Research shows yin yoga to be effective in reducing stress, tension, fatigue, anxiety and depression, while enhancing sleep quality and emotional well-being.

Yin restorative yoga is very different from other forms of yoga. It involves holding various gentle, supported lying postures for 3-5 minutes each. This allows the muscles, connective tissues, and nervous system to relax in a profound way. Many participants report feeling as if they’ve had a massage, and being so relaxed that they can finally have a deep, restorative night’s sleep after. It is highly recommended for those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or fatigue. You'll love the sense of deep peace and restoration that it brings.

No yoga experience necessary for this gentle healing practice.

This is a mindfulness-based style of yoga. Click here to learn more about mindfulness and its many benefits for mental, physical, and emotional well being.

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FRIDAY REFRESH for therapists

October 18, November 15, December 13
Fridays | 12:00 - 12:50 p.m. | $25/class
Registration is possible by emailing 

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Friday Refresh is a weekly offering for psychotherapists designed to recalibrate the nervous systems at the end of each week. We combine breath work, guided imagery, gentle movement and chanting to resource therapists and to provide an experience of community support and care. The practice aims to decrease vicarious traumatization and increase resilience, satisfaction, and joy in our work.

No minimum commitment required; drop in to one or all. Pre-registration is required.

Register by emailing Carryn Lund, LMSW, RYT, and Sharon Gold-Steinberg, PhD, at

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Mindfulness + Yoga for Teens

October 23 - December 18 (no class 11/27)
Wednesdays | 4 - 5 p.m. | $165 for 8-week series

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This course empowers teens with tools for mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Mindfulness is a mind-body awareness practice that fosters calmness, focus, emotional regulation, and compassion while decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga combines mindful awareness with flowing movements between postures that balance, strengthen and heal the body and mind. Together, yoga and mindfulness form a powerful toolkit for adolescents, helping them navigate the challenges of today's world with composure and resilience. By teaching practical skills for health and happiness in a positive and supportive environment, this unique program cultivates well-being from the inside-out.

Click here to learn more about mindfulness and its many benefits for mental, physical, and emotional well being.

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growing Healthy families

October 27 + November 2 + November 17
1 - 2 p.m. | $200 for the 3-class series

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Learn practical tools and tips for building resilience, fostering healthy mindsets, and incorporating mindful routines in your family! This 3-series course educates and empowers families to grow in their emotional health together.

Sunday, October 27 | Yoga + Mindfulness for Families (children welcome)

Saturday, November 2 | Fostering a Growth Mindset

Sunday, November 17 | Mindful, Stress-Free Routines

This 3-series course educates and empowers families with elementary-aged children to grow in their emotional health together. The first workshop in this series will focus on mind-body connection through yoga. Parents with their children will explore mindfulness through movement. At the end of this class, parents will take home a short, fun yoga sequence they can do at home at anytime. The second portion of this series will focus on helping parents cultivate a growth mindset in their children. Developing resiliency in our children is key to their life-long success in and outside of school. Parents will leave this class with research supported evidence on the power of a growth mindset as well as practical tools to implement at home. Finally, the last workshop is all about building mindful, stress-free routines at home to support your family's emotional well being and your child's success at school.

About the Facilitator: Faith has been an educator in the Ann Arbor Public Schools for 15 years serving as a classroom teacher and now as a Literacy Expert for the past 2 years. Her belief in children's success in school starts with helping them thrive emotionally. Her passion for self-awareness, mindfulness, and health has led her to Yoga Teacher Training at Tiny Buddha Yoga and is now a Registered Yoga Teacher. Her goal is to bridge the gap between home and school through research-based mindfulness education as well as practical ways for families to thrive together by putting emotional health as a priority.