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About Nutrition + Health Coaching


Functional nutrition takes an integrative approach to one’s health and wellness

At Grove, we incorporate a mind-body, “whole foods as medicine,” approach,
while honoring each individual’s’ unique situation and biological makeup.

A growing body of research is confirming nutrition’s role in influencing long term brain health and mental wellbeing. Because our bodies work as a complex and interconnected system, it only makes sense that what we feed our bodies directly impacts our brain chemistry and physiology. For example, food can cause inflammation, affect blood sugar, influence the gut microbiota, and leave someone over- or under-nourished; all factors which have been tied to common mood disorders and other chronic diseases.

We believe that functional nutrition therapy can serve as a powerful adjunct to one’s emotional health journey.
We also understand that everyone is unique and there is no one size fits all approach.

Offered by Isa Kujawski, MPD, RDN who can be contacted at (734) 224-3822 ext 118. Learn more about Isa here.

who is nutrition therapy ideal for?

+ Trying a “food as medicine” approach to common mood disorders or chronic stress
+ Healing a disordered relationship with food through mindfulness and intuitive eating practices
+ Alzheimer's and/or dementia prevention
+ Improving digestion and gut health
+ Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and/or infant nutrition
+ General wellness, chronic disease prevention, and lifestyle medicine

what happens during Nutrition therapy?

Nutrition therapy takes place with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Isa Kujawski, MPH, RDN, and entails:

+ An in-depth conversation about your goals, concerns, and relationship with food
+ A comprehensive diet and health history to understand the whole person
+ An analysis of a food diary or food frequency questionnaire to identify opportunities for change
+ A nutrition plan of action through a partnered approach that aligns with  your goals and values
+ Mindfulness tools to understand one’s unique hunger cues, food sensitivities, and triggers
+ Applicable handouts and informational resources

Functional nutrition therapy incorporates principles of integrative health coaching, aimed at improving an individual’s health and wellness through sustainable lifestyle and behavioral change. Health coaching considers each person holistically, factoring in exercise, physical environment, mindfulness, and relationships. This approach is not prescriptive- rather, it allows clients to take full control of their own health journey by challenging them to consider their personal values, readiness, and confidence to make lifestyle changes. Integrative health coaching is a partnership, where the client drives, and the coach facilitates by asking deliberate questions that get to the root of one’s health situation, creating realistic action steps that catalyze change.

how many sessions
will i need?

Engaging in functional nutrition therapy and/or health coaching often involves at least 2-3 sessions though many individuals engage much longer than that, until their goals are achieved. Longer term or ongoing counseling may be suggested for individuals with disordered eating. Frequency of appointments typically ranges from 2-4 weeks, but is flexible and based on each client's needs and preferences.


Initial consultation (60-75min): $160
Follow ups (30-45min): $120

If you are interested in our nutrition therapy and/or health coaching offerings, please request an appointment via our online request form.

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