Grove Emotional Health Collaborative

Our Philosophy


Our mission and philosophy
is captured in our name.


We provide care across the lifespan for individuals and families. Grove is a welcoming and safe space for individuals of all races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and genders.


Our care is rooted in science and current best practices. We collaborate with you to move beyond symptom resolution and promote growth towards emotional wellness. 


Grove works with you to provide a warm, supportive, and compassionate environment.

Grove Emotional Health Collaborative was founded by Dr. Thomas Atkins, MD; Carryn Lund, LMSW, RYT; and Alison Roth-Kerner, LMSW in December 2016.

The three met while completing their respective psychiatry and social work fellowships at the University of Michigan Health System. All eventually individually made their way to private practice after completion of their fellowships and reunited in April of 2015 with the goal of supporting one another and providing effective, well-rounded care to clients.

The name Grove was chosen not just as a nod to our beloved tree-town Ann Arbor. The name Grove is also symbolic of the symbiotic, mutually-beneficial relationship trees have with one another. Trees near to one another exist in relationship to one another and help each other to be strong, healthy, and stable across their lifespan. Beneath the surface of the earth, the roots of trees in a grove intertwine with one another, sharing vital nutrients and offering support to one another as needed. This represents the collaborative nature of our practice, both with one another and with clients.

At Grove, collaborative care means many things. We are committed to collaborating with you to help you meet your goals for care. We offer individual therapy, medication management, yoga, mindfulness, and various groups all on site to increase your access to integrative approaches. We also offer multidisciplinary care; we collaborate with one another to ensure that you receive informed and thoughtful care.

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