Grove Emotional Health Collaborative



What is the
wait time like?

Wait times vary by clinician. You can see which clinicians are accepting new clients here. Likely, you will be able to be seen within a few weeks of making your first phone call. Please inquire within for current wait times or to make your first appointment. You can call or use the appointment request form.

How much
does it cost?

Fees vary by clinician and offering. Check with your insurance provider for coverage. Typically a psychotherapy session for a Grove clinician is between $125 - $150. Medication appointments range from $150-$200. Evaluations (first appointments) are typically longer and range in cost from $150 - $350 depending on the clinician. Groups, mindfulness, and yoga cost between $25 - $65/session. A sliding scale is available for those with need.

Do you accept
my insurance?

Clinicians working at Grove Emotional Health Collaborative have the ability to set their own fees. Please check the clinician page to see which providers accept insurance.

It is important to understand your insurance benefits before beginning psychotherapy. 

Some insurance plans offer coverage for both in-network and out-of-network providers. Typically, this varies with whether the plan is an HMO or a PPO; check with your plan for specifics. If a clinician is covered by your insurance and is considered in-network, you will typically be responsible for a co-pay or a percentage of the fee. If a clinician is fee-for-service, they are likely considered an out-of-network provider for your plan. You will be responsible to the clinician for the full fee but would be able to submit receipts to your insurance for reimbursement. Check with your plan about the specifics of in-network or out-of-network coverage before beginning treatment.

Will I be expected to participate in all of Grove's offerings?

No. While we are so pleased to offer a range of individual and group services at Grove, you are encouraged to decide what combination of psychotherapy, medication, and integrative services is right for you. A hallmark of Grove's care is that you can work with your clinician to decide exactly what will work best for you.

bring to my first

Please read our guide about what to expect.